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Create and complement a balance of body, mind and spirit. Massage boosts immunity, natural healing and realignment by detoxifying overstressed muscles, increasing blood and lymph flow and releasing endorphins. Our bodies naturally crave balance. This is especially important now, more than ever before with every day stresses accumulating at intense levels. Incorporating positive methods to counteract those stresses, will further support immunity and thus enhance healing into our lives, leading us better into balance. Massage is one of the most well-known ways to do so.

Meet our Licensed Massage Therapist, Michele Johanson.
Michele sought massage therapy as a way to heal her own body from overuse, postural imbalances and chronic pain. She went for her first massage in 2003 and knew she had to pursue this career to help others. She encourages a natural path to wellness and enjoys one herself. You can likely find her practicing yoga at the Fitness Center to maintain that balance. Through her current lifestyle and strong self-care regime, Michele lives pain-free and extends gratitude for that every day.

Her massage practice is be led by her heart and intuition with deep awareness. Michele's specializes in the loving arts of Traditional Thai Massage, Medicinal Aromatherapy and Usui Reiki. She honors that each of us has all the healing power within and would love to assist you on that journey.

With a solid foundation from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, Michele has been a licensed massage therapist since 2009. She has been at The Fitness Center For Women since 2011. She is an active volunteer in the massage community and member of the American Massage Therapy Association and is Nationally Board Certified.

Michele's clients and other members of the Fitness Center have often expressed how much they appreciate the ease in talking to Michele. Here are some testimonials from her clients:

"Michele is extremely skilled, hard-working and a naturally gifted healer who listens without judgement. Every session with her leaves me feeling refreshed and relaxed!"

"You are a wonderful Massage Therapist and person! May you be greatly blessed- and I already know you are blessing the universe by being you and standing in your love & truth."

"Reiki Thai Massage session received by Michele Johanson was a spiritual awakening experience. Michele's kind skills applied to my achy knee and muscles was well received. Afterwards I was completely relaxed and refreshed. The Reiki Thai Massage has helped with a good night's sleep and circulation."


Please contact The Fitness Center for Women at 860.583.1199 to schedule an appointment with Michele.

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